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Portable Guitar Amplifier

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Easy to carry Portable Mini Guitar Amplifier and Recorder.
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Guaranteed Original Products built with high quality components designed to last a very long time.

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If you are not satisfied with Aroma Mini Guitar Amp, you can return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

Quick & Convenient

Totally portable mini amplifier solution. Play along with backing tracks and has a stand support for ultimate easy access


Totally portable amp solution; Volume control; Tone control; AUX line in, MIC input, USB cable input; Which even has a belt clip, also for stand support, ultimate easy access. Play along with backing tracks, basic EQ, and overdrive.


It is light and only about the size of a small sandwich. No power outlet needed

Easily Connect and Sync Files with your Favorite Devices

You can sync and transfer files with TF Card, AUX and USB.

This Portable Guitar Amp supports mobile phone, MP3/MP4, Computer, Laptop, iPad, TF Card for easy data file transfers.

Watch and Hear it in action!

Looking, for something to use as a small amp to stroll, play guitar, sing, and play some background tracks at campgrounds, this was nearly the ONLY item of its kind, in this size and with those three features.

Now, you would think, that this sort of capability would be one of the most sight after deals, where all you need do was pull out your guitar, and small mic, plug in and insert a memory card to learn tunes, on the couch or have fun at a small gathering.


This Portable Guitar Amplifier supports an external audio source and microphone input and has a professional sound distortion function that gives you a clean and good quality sound. It comes with a retaining ring to support for both hanging and laying on the floor. The perfect amp to walk around with while you are practicing or jamming.

The ease at which you'll be able to practice on your guitar with this tiny amp sat within arms reach on your desk or coffee table.

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This Portable Guitar Amplifier can be used for:

Electric Guitar

Electric Piano

Electric Bass Guitar

Acoustic Guitar


There are times when a regular guitar amp – even a small combo amp – isn’t practical. Whether you want something small enough you can fit in your guitar bag when you go travelling or you want an easy way to busk with your guitar, this Mini Guitar Amplifier can be what you have been looking for as sure it’s easy to bring along with anywhere.


What Our Customers Have to Say
About Aroma Portable Guitar Amp

Absolutely just the thing to satisfy your wanderlust!

“This mini Amp is super handy for guitarists who often travel, they can simply throw it in the bag and can jam away in the hotel room at an appropriate volume level. It also saves you from the stress of having to find access to a power outlet since it can last up to 6 hours of continuous playing.”

Kelly H. – Kansas City, MO



Average Rating






Doug G. Memphis, TN

“What I really liked about this particular amp, is that the clip can be turned around and it then becomes a stand. So if you don't have anything to the clip it too, or you want to put it out facing your crowd, then you can do either. Then, this thing packs a punch in the volume department. I couldn't believe how loud it could get. When my hubby commented "Wow, that sure is loud", I said I can still turn it up! We joked that this little portable amp can go all the way to 11!”

Andrew K. – Orlando, FL

“After years of playing nylon and steel stringed Taylor guitars, I was looking for a small amp that could occasionally be used with them, but mostly for my little Traveler guitar that accompanies me on out of town trips. It's the right size and a good value for the money. ”

Mark P. – Garden City, MI

“Excellent Amp to practice with. Light. Packs a pretty good punch for metal/distortion. Nice and clean for a good blues sound. I use only Tomsline Engineering pedals and this little amp works great with them.”

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Go-To Portable Guitar AMP

Accompanies your out of town trips and practices that can easily be packed, picked up and jam with over 6 hours long use of time.
Receive your special introductory 50% OFF discount when you order now!

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